Act of poetry

from October 4th to 13th, 2018
wednesday to saturday, 5-7pm and by appointment

Opening wednesday October 3rd, 6pm


The act of poetic creation refers to the etymology of the word poetry: from the Greek poiein, to make, to produce, to manufacture. Poetry in Greek can mean any manufactured object as well as a work of the mind.

Need for poetry to resist.
Need for poetry to protect me from the violence of the world.
Need for poetry to shape what upsets me, and thereby, to try to let go.
Need for poetry to be "other".

To seek another perception of the world.
To search in poetic actions the traces (images, objects, notes, elements, sounds ...) that still resonate for me today.

With the memory of moments where art and life are intimately linked.

Béatrice Didier

The installation will collect traces of performances by Béatrice Didier between 2011 and 2018.