In the continuity of Jérôme Poloczek's interest in the creation of rituals, symbolic acts to be shared and reproduced, Personne questions the intimacy and the disturbance induced by the sharing while simplifying to the utmost the installation and the gestures of the ritual.

The flyer of the exhibition is a photography of a full-scale hand, so that you can put it on your hand. The installation is a table for hands, covered by envelopes. Here is the instruction inside each envelope : Gather an even number of more than 3 people. Suggest that they close their eyes and remain silent until the end of the ritual. Install half of the participants on one side, hands opened, their palms towards the sky. Face the other half of the participants and put their palm in the palm in front of them. After 4 minutes, separate the hands. Help people to leave the place. Nobody will know in whose hand, for 4 minutes, he has put his hand.