3 weekends, 3 installations

Antone Israel - April sat 7th, sun 8th 2-6pm
Opening April 4th 6pm

Emilien Simon - April sat 14th, sun 15th 2-6pm
Opening April 11th 6pm

Jean Tertrain - April sat 21st, sun 22nd 2-6pm
Opening April 18th 6pm


The exhibition project that brings together the three artists Antone Israel, Emilien Simon and Jean Tertrain is the formalisation of a short residency and numerous discussions about the status of the image and more precisely of the filmic image, its material corollaries, its narrative essence and its modes of exposure. Each in his own way comes to question the images he produces or collects by submitting them to a particular device or by making a film that would be the synthesis of all the films.
This exhibition could be summed up in two questions: Does the evanescence hide the duration, the survival? Does the fragment conceal the whole?


Antone Israel

Emilien Simon

Jean Tertrain