thomas jean henri

qu’as-tu gardé de notre amour?
what did you keep from our love?

february 2018 16th to 25th
friday-saturday-sunday, 1 to 6,30pm



what did you keep from our love?

Where, on a table
lay a single object.
the diary of a documented gesture
on what we keep from our past loves


invite one’s loved ones home,
to sit around a table,
in the center of my sitting room.

ask them to bring a single object,
to remember a past love they have secretly kept close,
despite the years gone by,
the changes of address,
and new loves.

on this table have,
a plate and a green cup for the guest,
the same, in pink, for me,
two knives including a small one that cuts well,
a pink grapefruit still to be peeled,
puffed millet,
some cereals,
two jars of red fruit jam,
some strawberries,
two croissants,
fresh bread,
chocolate  pieces
and candles.

make coffee,
and, every morning of these summer months,
meticulously respect the same process.

so here we are,
face to face,
separated by this small wooden table barely a metre wide,
the exact length of my arm.
and this distancing that summarises
all the intimacy that I refuse to give