Exhibition March 16th-17th-18th

Opening on March 15th, 6pm


Ablainzevelle is a French commune located in the department of Pas-de-Calais in Hauts-de-France.
It is, above all, located at an equal distance from Brussels and Rouen (where Julie Tocqueville lives and works) « as the crow flies ». On the occasion of this residence / exhibition, Ablainzevelle becomes a landmark, an important point for the visual artist.



"After decades devoted to de-aesthetisation, Julie Tocqueville is one of those artists who envisage a re-aestheticization of the work of art, passing through the renewal of sensory experience. She belongs to this generation which attests that contemporary art has become a field of experiments and the object of one or more experiences.
From the Latin experiri and the Greek peiras, the term experiment/experience means a journey and a possible peril in which the limit is tested.
Julie Tocqueville takes us on this exploration of reality by assuming that each element of everyday life is a potential work.
At first strange, the proposals of Julie Tocqueville revitalize, stimulate and sharpen our faculty of experience (...) »

Marie-Andrée Malleville, The aesthetics of experience