ANTONE ISRAEL "Hokushin": sat 10th, sun 11th - 16:00-18:00
opening fri 09th -18:00

ALIX DUSSART "Land": sat 17th, sun 18th - 16:00-18:00
opening fri 16th -18:00

MARCO DE SANCTIS/MATTEO CAVALLERI "Quetzalcoatl": sat 24th, sun 25th - 16:00-18:00
opening fri 23th -18:00


Antone Israel "Hokushin"
What would a film be if it showed only intermittently, and if each appearance assumed its destruction? Would it be a film that dies or that transforms itself? Here are some beginnings of a performative projection which, once completed, will become a sculpture.


Alix Dussart "Land"
Installation, video projection on plaster, 19’58”, 2015

"The portion of the space created by the video projection reveals a depth that diffuses by the action of the rising tide; dizzying little by little. The juxtaposition of spaces superimposes the materials with the states. The reaction that should take place between the plaster and water doesn’t happen. This meeting plays out on another level, by neighbouring : one material is given back to the video by a sort of adherence. The white of the foam spreads gradually depending on the ebb and flow of the tide and so reveals the white gypsum."


Marco De Sanctis/ Matteo Cavalleri "Quetzalcoatl"
Quetzalcoatl is a simple gesture, thought when visiting the most important archaeological sites Maya and Aztec Mexico. This gesture belongs to a faithful poetics of the artist; a singular reappropriation of the environment that surrounds him, a mysterious dialogue between a distant past and the ephemeral present.
These actions were captured by the intuitive eye of Matteo Cavalleri, photo-journalist for "Il Giorno".