Residency: June 8 th > 20th

Ending/Exhibition + tea ceremony: june 24th 14:00 > 20:00


Body without organs - Act 1

TRANSPLANTATION brings together the two imaginations of Miku Enomoto and Saiko Maeda around the representation of the human body and its functioning. Their plastic art, using textiles and foodstuffs, gives form to what is invisible to the naked eye: the exploration of the inside of the body and its metamorphoses.

This stage revisits the thought of Antonin Artaud "body without organs" by questioning the relationship between the body and internal organs. The organs are the receptacles of feelings and the spirit of the invisible things such as passions and impulses represented as streams. Miku Enomoto and Saiko Maeda represent metaphorically the flow of human body secretions, moods, energies.