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Opening April 10th 18:30


" About what’s real and, soon, what will not be.

To me, photography is a very complexe practice, asking a lot from people that use it. A photographer has to be able to be part of a scene, deeply rooted in reality, but also create a fatal distance between what’s going on in front of his eyes and the bubble a good photographer needs to create in order to be able to crystalize a piece of real for eternity. I’d go further by saying that a good photographer needs to be something close to a bipolar: an individual understanding the real speed of time and being able to sit inbetween the ‘here and now’ and the ‘what just was’ and the ‘what soon will be’ in order to steal a micro-second... of his own time to make it last for longer, for ever, or at least for later. It’s the consciousness of this fact that make good photographers take important photographs, I think. Now, the question is: why do we need images for? "
© Pauline Miko - 2015

Foreseen is a project based in Brussels, which brings together several people united by the same desire to think about the production and promotion of artists in a conscious and collective manner.

Foreseen offers a favorable time & space to young artists and a dialogue outside the academic setting.
The Foreseen's curatorial activity is organized around three areas where participate and exchange artists, professionals, and the public.
It's a residential, group exhibitions and parties project.
The aim is to project into the future the work of practitioners through the efforts and a dialogue established with the various participants.
Foreseen emphasizes honesty practices, presence, and proximity with every actors to build a real exchange on an equal footing.

One-week residencies are organized in spaces lent by local cultural actors.
The guest artist has the ability to work on a project and exchange with stakeholders chosen for its practice. Foreseen thus establish a trading ground to feed the artist thoughts.
At the end of this period, the public is led to take part in this experience during a closing ceremony where the artist presents his work.


-FORESEEN : Your works are, represent or reproduce?
-PAULINE MIKO : They reproduce what is, represent what was and present what will be.
-FRSN : Rather vertical or horizontal?
-PM : The vertical axis is at the edge of the horizon: on the surface and underground.
-FRSN : Are you in a rush?
-PM : No, rather impatient.
-FRSN : What do you feel when you touch an organic material?
-PM : The Limit.
-FRSN : How does your ideas go throught your mess?
-PM : Generally, they come up at night, just before falling asleep. They day after everything is to write.
-FRSN : What's the first sign of an idea?
-PM : Each of my ideas stems from another, continuously.
-FRSN : If you had to explain your work, What would it sound like?
-PM : I work on memory, material, track, destruction of time and erasing.
I bury in different parts of the world, boxes containing photographs, objects, letters ... I forget them underground in the hope of finding them, perhaps, later.
The aim is to see how these elements survive and in parallel, how does my own memoriers interact.

-FRSN : How would you describe overall, your approach of photography?
-PM : As a set of research on the relationship between the photographic medium and material, time and memory.