All I want is Luz

March 19th > 23th

2 > 6pm
+ friday and saturday 2 > 10pm

Opening March 18th, 6:30 pm

Through a photographic journey, artists Nicolas Catalano and Solal Israel are questioning the desire.


"See, smell, touch, taste, hear. Earth, air, water and fire. Five senses and four elements - a life to construct. An exponential voyage. In the centre, Man and what makes him unique: his rationality and his desires. An impossible equation. Opposites that inexorably attract in the experience of a bittersweet sensation that sets itself up, and never, or almost never, leaves.

So we close our eyes, we ask (ourselves), we experiment, we search and sometimes we find. Fill a gap, find a balance to live the moment fully, aware that we will have to start over because the light has only one time and desires are often futile.

Remembering becomes necessary to anticipate. For accepting that things have not been or could not have been. Lack becomes more bearable and turns into a happy suffering, early melancholy that shows us we are alive, that everything continues with this pain that does us good right.”

Coline Franceschetto


(c)Nicolas Catalano

(c)Solal Israel

(c)Solal Israel

(c)Nicolas Catalano