January 30th > February 14th

friday and saturday,
and by appointment  

Opening on thursday january 29th, 6:30pm

Invitation offers us the latest artistic research of artists Marco De Sanctis and Astrid Bossuyt.
There is, first of all, their desire to share, to exchange their common thoughts on giving and exchange in all their acceptance, to widen the intimate sphere that defines the linear relationship between artists and their works. The artist, as such, has the gift (duty?) to give the possibility of existence to the work, to make it visible and tangible to everyone. Without pretension the work is given to us, it is circulated. Creation takes place. It shares itself, reveals itself and becomes multiple through our interpretations. We can recognize it or ignore it, we appropriate it or simply let it pass us by. The responsibility of allowing the work to permanently evolve is ours by accepting the link that comes with its creation.  We are entitled, and the work invites us.

Coline Franceschetto