09 > 19.05.2013

+ Performance by Evamaria Schaller on may 8th

"Since my 30th birthday I collect the lost hair while washing and form a ball out of it. I date and locate the little hairballs and have continued to do that for the last 2 years. Like little butterflies I put them up with long needles directly onto the wall. It is an ongoing process - a long durational performance becoming ritual. It is something very intimate in a way to show the quantity of hair lost during 2 years. It is also about losing something very personal which can´t be put back. It grows back, but it will never be the same again. It is also a kind of travel diary. It shows where I have been in the last two years and where I "lost" something.
Also a little bit like a hunter - I seek out spaces/cities/countries where I can lose my hair and put up a new space."

Besides the installation Butter-Fly-Hair, other works by Evamaria Schaller are exhibited.


Born in Austria where she studied photography and multimedia art, Evamaria Schaller lives and works in Cologne where she studied film and performance art.
She is a member of PAErsche and presented her work in Germany and Austria, France, Poland, Turkey, Myanmar or Denmark. She already performed in 10/12 in may 2012.