Ce qui sépare la nuit du jour
(What separates night from day)

21.03 > 07.04.2013


The exhibition What separates night from day consists of photographs taken in different times and spaces, looking for these moments of contemplation which remind us of our most distant memories.
Images between fragility and power. Images breaking up. Breaking up in time between past and present, reality and fiction. Breaking up in space, body. Breaking up with oneself, with each other. Telling stories that help us to understand the world around us better. Part of an ongoing research project, motivated by a fear of disappearance, loss, forgetfulness.



"Beyond any desire of geographical documentation, I walk in search of places conducive to internalization. A selfish and lonely escape towards open spaces likely to fulfill my quest for inner silence. A problem of shifting, of the route, which leads me to places out of time that nothing and no-one come to disturb as if to facilitate the attempt to create a vacuum around oneself. I try to recreate my experiences through photography. Images taken in space and time which I infuse, in which I let myself be carried, while keeping in mind these questions: What kind of regard can we still bring to things, and what is the meaning, even the idea, of travel, nowadays?  Part of the answer may be, as Thierry Girard stated, in this experience of crossing the landscape, which occurs when images are all cracks through which the imagination rushes."

A questioning of the status of the photographic image, its manufacturing process, its existence in itself, and its disappearance.



(c) Thomas Cartron