Nous sommes Sealand
(We are Sealand)

21.02.2013 - 19:00

one shot exhibition


The Principality of Sealand is a micro-nation which has, as its sole territory, an old military platform lost in the middle of the North Sea.
Population: 6 inhabitants. Area: 550 m2. Resources: Unknown.
It is both the smallest and the most rotten country in the world.
The members of RE:c have made Sealand their promised land. They aspire to go there, soon, by means of a raft they built with their own hands. Its crew consists of Boris Dambly (bel), Arthur Egloff (fra), Roberta Gigante (It) and Madely Schott (fra). Before embarking on this journey of several months, the collective RE:c  is invited by 10/12 to expose the major issues that nourish their quest.

This exhibition is the prologue of a myth that will take shape in a future time, in different actions and different forms.


RE:c is a platform for performance founded in 2010 at the National School of Visual Arts of la Cambre (L’Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels de la Cambre). It brings together artists from different backgrounds and visual art disciplines. Alongside their respective practices, they meet regularly within the framework of intrepid experimentation, empirical research and heated discussion regularly giving rise to chaotic performances. As such, they have notably flooded a theater, infested an art gallery with flies, dug holes in Eastern Europe and are currently planning to cross the North Sea on a raft.

RE:c has participated in several festivals dedicated to performance, such as Trouble in Belgium, Interakcje in Poland and Asiatopia in Thailand. They have also collaborated with actress Berdine Nusselder (ned), visual artist Roberta Gigante (italy), theatre director Arthur Egloff (fra) and interior designer and performer Clement Losson (fra).