ab urbe condita

26.01 > 09.02.2013


Ab urbe condita is an exhibition that speaks of destruction, construction, travel and abandoned buildings.
Architecture is here questioned on a notion of history.
An exhibition where the public is invited both to stroll in the city and to discover bas relief reproductions.
Overall, we discover a world where everything contradicts itself.
Here are revealed the contradictions in modern architecture against a backdrop of a city changes.


Thomas Bénard and architecture

"Initially, it was built to protect themselves, and the idea emerged to build a trace, a memory. The architecture representing a civilization could outlive the men of this same civilization.
Today we no longer build with stones but with vulnerable materials. Mutations are constant. The idea of ​​memory seems to have disappeared.
In less than a century, the architecture takes into account its own destruction.
I am interested in contemporary ruins and what they can bring us. I am interested in the counter sense that can engender architecture today with respect to its history and its first vocations."