Transplantation -mutation

19.10 > 04.11.2012


Miku Enomoto uses textiles evolving into a sculptural form inspired by human body organs to transform real science into imagination.

Saiko Maeda develops in her plastic work a theme related to the metamorphosis of the human body. She tries to approach the meaning and emotions, close up, with the help of very diverse techniques: textile design, food product use, photographs, etc..

For this, their second exhibition at 10/12, which is a new part of their project Transplantation, Miku Enomoto and Saiko Maeda develop the theme of metamorphosis of the human body, this time focusing on the issue of mutation.
Miku Enomoto presents new achievements in fabric that evoke microscopic images. Saiko Maeda offers from her side a "descent" into the depths of the human body starting from minerals and sugar sculptures.