Performance Art evening



Alice De Visscher ( Belgium )

" I work on my body and its appearance, on space and its structure, on materials and their properties. Tender, release, build and destroy are the principal actions I explore, which alter my body and the space or the perception thereof. "
Alice De Visscher lives and works in Brussels. After the theatre (De Kleine Academie, 2004), she left the narrative to explore the physical and visual relationships between her body, objects and / or space, first in video and later in  performance art. She has exhibited her work in Belgium and abroad (Germany, Austria, Singapore, Thailand, Canada).


Evamaria Schaller ( Germany )

" The space where I perform may be a gallery or public space. The focus is on my interaction with the place. In all my performances, I put into play my body and the relationship with space and the public. Materials which interest me now are expandable and compressible materials such as elastic or garbage bags ( which interest me also for their social origin). "
Born in Austria where she studied photography and art multi-media, Evamaria Schaller  lives and works in Cologne where she studied film and performance art. Member of PAErsche, she has presented her work in Germany and Austria, France, Poland, Turkey or Denmark.