tu vas cligner des yeux
(You're gonna blink)

10 > 20..05.2012

You're gonna blink brings together four years of screen-printing. This technique allows the creation of multiples. Here, paradoxically, Jerome Poloczek uses it to create unique pieces.

You're gonna blink experimenting with colours, shapes, interactions of images and the influence of media on them, creating a game of perception.
This one is nice if the pink blends into the yellow when the destabilising accumulation of colours creates a black hole.
The combination of two images creates a lost love, while the faces of the same person, superimposed at different ages, portrays a stranger.
At this exhibition, Jerome Poloczek will also present his project Lichettes : a series of 30 loops of ribbon designed to be sewn into the clothing of visitors. The ribbon loops  each carry a sentence attempting to be valid for the author, but also to any other person. The loops can be reserved during the exhibition, and will be sewn into the clothing of the buyers on the day of finishing.


"A body was born in 1979. He was given the name of Jerome Poloczek. The body changes but the name remains the same. The body has studied and taught philosophy, often writes and publishes literary texts, draws and screen prints occassionally. He wrote this sentence on a train. It could have said that he breathes and salivates and is an animal, like you who has a name, but a body that is never the same. "