da solo

20 > 29..04.2012

Originally from Italy, Marco De Sanctis lives and works in Brussels.
His research questions the process of creation for each medium or artistic technique he practices.
Analysing and testing this process leads Marco De Sanctis to go through the procedures of trace and memory, often through signs, drawn or engraved.

"Da Solo extends the reflection of 'Split Project' ( showed at the Museum Ianchelevici in 2011), consisting of delicate interventions in ink on prints dating from 1600 to 1900 which make up part of my personal collection.The procedure may be discrete or more invasive depending on the quality and the preciousness of the media used, always in relation to the viewer's perception that has the possibility to move on three reading levels: his, mine and the original authors of the work." 
M. De Sanctis