Lay my hand on you

16 > 25..03.2012

Lay my hand on you is an installation that brought together texts and images made ​​over the last 10 years at several round trips to Peru, where much of the artist's family lives and where he was born.
The belonging and uprooting, the presence and absence, the relationship to the family and how corruption and violence manifest themselves in the daily were the recurrent questions on this project.

"Marked by a life of constant moving, Daniel Piaggio Strandlund constructs stories to have roots. His photographs are often penetrated by absence. We follow his wanderings through landscapes of extinction, both familiar and exotic, spaces that he offers us in order to contemplate our own mystery. The characters that sporadically appear in his work are always approached with melancholy and reserve. Maybe Daniel introduces us into an intimacy in order to express the need to find his origins, to weave the scattered links in an attempt to build a family. Time is suspended in enigmatic images that have been taken individually, but the compositions that Daniel makes - be it in installations or books - connect the images and give them a singular voice."
Céline Marique